Trip preperation

To be able to fully enjoy your tour or travel program we advise to reasonably prepare your trip. Depending on the nature of the journey, below items should be taken into consideration,with appropriate emphasis:


  • Tuning in: read your trip program and learn about the themes of the journey
  • Fitness: Build up your fitness to the appropriate level, if needed over several months
  • Health: Check up, vaccination and aquisition of required recipees and medication, including provision against allergies
  • Documentation: get all necessary immigration documentation and permits fort he stay like visas/vaccination certifications/international driving license/health certificates (eg for diving) etc
  • Customs: make yourself familiar with customs regulations to avoid complications

Others ...

Trip program

Our travel programs usually cover the trip and the stay as published on our website or in our brochures or leaflets. Where the program only covers local services or products abroad, we are pleased to offer in addition travel arrangements to the trip destination including railway and flighttickets, overnight accommodation where appropriate and other services as may be required.

In addition to these standard services we would be pleased to quote trip extension programs or travel combination packages. For suggestions please request our counselling services. We will be pleased to arrange for an appointment. 

Trip Cancellation or Change of travelling dates

After the booking of a trip, in most cases the cancellation of the respective travel arrangement or date changes can only be made with serious cost implications. Depending on the date of cancellation or date alteration up to no refunds can be claimed. To cover these costs a trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended.  As a rule such an insurance has to be in place the latest at the time of  booking.

Trip Interruption oder Cancellation during the trip

Trip interruptions or cancellations during the trip usually are not covered by a simple trip cancellation policy. To cover costs of an unexpected or forced trip interruption or cancellation during the trip a respective trip interruption and evacuation insurance is highly recommended. The costs of an emergency evacuation or an unforseen trip home can be extremely high (such as in cases of accident, sickness or death, due to environmental hazards , unforeseeable political developments, urgent matters at home or similar events). In addition, not consumed travel arrangement components in most cases cannot be reclaimed. These risks should be covered by adequate insurance. Such a policy usually has to be in place before the commencement of the trip.