Operator selection

When defining the Heliski Operations which we have chosen to promote we have undertaken to discuss all safety relevant aspects with the respective managers or persons responsible. Many aspects of Heliskiing are covered by official authorities, insurance companies or standards of industry relevant institutions. Nevertheless, not all details are defined. We have not included in our promotion list any operator where any reason for doubt regarding its committment to safety would be given. Of course WAHA and its representatives and/or legal and statutory bodies cannot give any respective guarantee or assume any respective responsibility.


It is a given that Heliskiing/Snowboarding carries specific risks, especially concerning inpredictability of activities and events in alpine areas under winter conditions and in partially unpredictably adverse weather conditions. Accordingly, all operators of Heliski companies demand the signing of so called waivers to cover themselves against  any legal claims by the Heliskiing guests regarding these and any other relevant (mainly Liability) risks associated with Heliskiing. Without signing of these waivers there is no heliskiing/-boarding.


Many accident and liability insurance companies cover the risks inherent  in Heliskiing. A respective check with your insurer, however, is highly recommended. In case of need you are urged to cover your respective risks (accident, emergency evacuation, liability) with an apropriate  insurance policy.