Special Trips

A special attraction are our Heliski-/Heliboarding-Trips in company of experienced professionals and experts.

Enjoy your dream destination in Canada, Georgia or Greenland with

  • Franco Cavegn (Maienfeld, Switzerland), former member of the Swiss National Ski Team
  • Hans Solmssen (Verbier, Switzerland), Alpine Expert, professional Mountain Guide and Ski Instructor

For trip dates and destinations please contact our team. Thank you.


Also, we will be pleased to combine your Heliskiing/-bording Trip with other activities, such as

  • preliminary skiing/bording in an attractive resort of your trip destination country
  • combination with snowcat skiing/bording
  • combination with helitouring, dog sleding, ice climbing, snnowmobiling, polarlight observation a.s.o.
  • helisking/-bording plus wellness, plus cross-glacier 4by4, plus winter and spring fishing, plus...

For combinations and destinations please contact our team or consult one of our partner homepages: www.francocavegn.ch, www.schaer-reisen.ch und www.para-tours.ch