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High up on a volcano you will be dropped ... The landscape you are in is unique: Numerous snow covered volcano kegs in great solitude, only a few birch trees at the foot of the slopes, the stirred up Pacific ocean or quiet tundra between the coastal and the central mountain ranges, all this combines to a dreamlike view. Climate, weather and snow conditions vary from moderate maritime along the ocean shores to  sound continental in the central parts of the peninsula. Add wind factor plus geothermical influence and you will understand why ultralight powder and compact snow layers, grippy corn and soft snow as well as windblown packed snow and icy snow field somtimes just lay around the corner. You will find every type of snow conditions in the ever changing and vast territory of Heliski Kamtschatka. Due to the lack of trees, helioperation and remote skiing in unfavorable weather conditions is out. Three smaller skilift operations and some other down day excursion targets are interesting options.

Your base is the best hotel in Kamtschatka in the small village of Paratunka. The rooms are upper middle class level. Meals are healthy and a mix between European standard and East Russian kitchen. Excellent fish and crab from the nearby Pacific.





In Kamtschatka, the number of descents difficulty levels and length are not formally accounted for. There are too many, varying from season to season, be it due to snow and weather conditions or due to the skill levels of the participants. The skiable grounds are between 3000m above sea level and the coast line of the Pacific ocean. The highest volcano is 4750m high, but not skiable its full lenght. Descents cover a vertical of average 1000m, but occasionally stretch over 2200 meters in altitude. Open and wide slopes with easy to difficult runs follow flatish to extremely exposed and steep terrain. Some of the descents cross glaciers and pass volcanic exhaust fumes or further down lead through open birch trees and end at the ocean shore oder close to hot springs

The size of the terrirory is only limited by the reach of the helicopter and the skill set of skiers and boarders.

The volcanoes usually offer best snow conditions between late February and early Mai. With the climate difference big between ocean shore and arctic interior, snow conditions strongly vary. Skiers and boarders must be capable to handle not only deep powder but also heavy, crusted and icy snow conditions. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for good weather and snow conditions.

Nature fans, however, will have no reason to complain. Fabulous views off and on volcanoes, tundra in deep snow, an ever changing Pacific coastline with steep cliffs and black sandy beaches, bizzare snow sculptures formed by hot volcanic fumes and icy winds, hot springs and a the partly colourful town and churches of Petropavlovsk and surroundings form a dreamful landscape full of surprises and changes. 



Hotel Sputnik

The hotel Sputnik is located in Paratunka, a village 40 minutes driving from Petropavlovsk or half an hour from the airport. It’s standard equals uropean 3 stars +. All 50 rooms are equipped with two single beds or a king, bath, shower and TV. Single rooms are not available, double rooms with single occupancy at extra cost. After a day of skiing the hotel’s 2 large open thermal pools are a fabulous bonus. A small sauna and turkish bath  are also at your disposal. A billiard room and a small night bar add to your evening activities.

Breakfast and dinner are a mix between local and European kitchen. Excellent are the meals including fish and other produce from the nearby Pacific. For lunch you will receive a rich lunch pack with hot soup, tea and coffee being served in the field.  

Heli & safety

Helicopters of the type MI-8 are known in many countries for their functionality and trustworthiness. Two turbo engines provide power. The heli is always piloted by a team of two and accompanied by an engineer, thereby providing secure operating and safety standards. The pilots are very experienced, in particular in flying in arctic conditions. The servicing of the helicopters is done by a team of reliable engineers.

The helipad is located a few minutes bus driving from the hotel.

All heliguides are trained mountain guides, belong to the international mountain guide association and have longstanding guiding experience. All of them come from alpine countries.

Top priority for all guides is a safe skiing experience. The choice of terrain and runs is dictated by snow and weather conditions as well as experience, physical condition and and skill set of the participants. To guarantee the highest possible safety levels, skiers and boarders must follow the instructions of the guides. Pilots and heliguides have the right to limit or forbid skiing and boarding at any time.

To reduce the remaining risks all skiers and boarders are equipped with a transceiver and an ABS and undergo respective trainings before being allowed to ski.

Getting there

Your trip to Kamtschatka goes via Moscow to Petropavlovsk. On Thursday evening or early Friday morning you fly to Moscow from where you will leave toKamtschatka in die evening hours. The overnight flight of almost 9 hours crosses over Siberia and lands in Petropavlovsk Saturday morning.

At the airport you will be met by representatives of Heliski Kamtschatka. You will need some time to collect your baggage. The transfer to the hotel by bus will take half an hour.

On your way back (Saturday) you will travel with the time line and you can be back in Europe late Saturday evening. Stop overs in Moscow, however, are quite frequent. For respective advice kindly contact our office.



After arrival at Petropavlovsk Airport you will be helped with your baggage and transfered to the hotel. After checking into your room there is a welcome drink with general information as well as instructions regarding boarding and skiing in Kamtschatka, Safety and evacuation procedures as well as an exercise with your transceiver. This is followed by the definition of the participating groups. Finally, you prepare your skiing/boarding equipment for the following day.

Before heading out you will be briefed on heli safety procedures and do’s and don’t’s. During the six skiing days (weather permitting) you will get to know the different regions around Petropavlovsk and enjoy fabulous scenery and skiing/boarding experiences. Your guides will do their best to show you the most attractive descents and scenic runs, taking advantage of the most favorable snow conditions available. Which region will be chosen and what volcanoes will be skied upon depends last but not least on the technical skill set and the physical condition of the participants. In good weather conditions you can expect runs of up to 2000m vertical. 6 -10 descents are planned for an average day of skiing/boarding.

Should skiing/boarding not be possible due to adverse weather conditions, close by there are some small ski areas with skilifts, offering runs of about 400m vertical, all of them cut into birch tree forests which provide for off the piste alternatives. – Or you visit Petropavlovsk with ist fish market, museum, churches and harbour. Other down day activities are available.

In the morning of the last day you are transfering back to the airport.

Packages & prices



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  • 6 days skiing/boarding  //  7 nights
  • Private Packages on request




  • 8 flight hours per group (6-7 Participants)
  • Transport from/to the airport in Petropavlovsk
  • Transports during boarding/skiing days
  • Transponder
  • Day backpack including ABS, shovel and probe
  • Guide and safety instructions
  • 7 nights in hotel (double occupancy)
  • Breakfast, Lunch Package and Dinner daily
  • Official invitation (for visa required)
  • Fees and taxes


Not included


  • Skiing/Boarding equipment (rental possible) and helmet
  • Additional flight hours
  • Tips for Pilots, Guides and Hotel personnel
  • Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks
  • Flights and other travel costs to Petropavlovsk
  • Visa and Insurances
  • Side trips and activities hors program, local souvenirs
  • Single room surcharge


«Dreamlike heliskiing – a highlight in unique volcanic landscape»

Season :

Mid March - End of April

6 Days / 7 Nights starting from Euro 6'990

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