Heliskiing Kamtschatka


In the far northeast of Russia the Kamtschatka Peninsula with ist barely explored unique volcanic landscape in its wintercloth is waiting for you. The uncomparable Heliski terrain is formed by thirty active and more than a hundred inactive volcanoes in the center of the peninsula as well as on the ocean shores. The most impressive ranges are in the south east of the peninsula close to the Pacific and some peaks are over 4000m high. In good weather and snow conditions descents of up to 2200 meters difference in altitude are possible, some of them down to rocky or sandy ocean beaches.

Snow conditions and weather, but also abilities of the participants dictate the choice of routes. Highly demanding, spectacular descents as well as open, wide slopes of moderate difficulty levels allow for varied ultimate skiing or boarding pleasure rides. The mainly alpine terrain is sometimes broken by glaciers or further down by light birch tree zones. Due to sometimes difficult snow conditions and partly demanding and exposed steep mountain sides well controlled and safe skiing and boarding is a prerequisite. Very good skiing/boarding technique and sound fitness levels are a must.

Down Day options include skilift skiing or boarding, excursions to natural hot springs, skidooing as well as a visit to interesting Petropavlovsk, capital and most important harbour of Kamtschatka as well as icefree access for Russia to the Pacific.