Heliskiing Iceland


In Iceland’s north, on the Troll Peninsula, your dreams come true! The tectonically most fascinating landscape, descentd from 1200 meter high plateaus down to the edge of the rough, foamy ocean, impressive quickly changing cloud and light sceneries, all of them combined are an adictive cocktail for boarders and skiers alike.

The terrain varies from broad, extremely moderate and wide slopes to difficult and steep mountain sides and finally to extremely demanding, narrow chutes which also are a challenge for experts. The highest drop-off is at 1550 meters above sea level. Snow conditions are the result of the close by sea, changing wind directions with warmer temperatures from the surfacing golf stream or icecold and dry directly from the Arctic: Deep powder slopes, ice fields, hard corn, soft spring snow, all in one day. The variety is yours!

With no trees on the Troll Peninsula and sometimes difficult wind and weather conditions or poor visibility, you have to expect some down time. Numerous excursion options ensure you will stay busy, if you like: visit natural hot springs, volcanic areas, culturally unique dwellings or Akureyri, Iceland’s second largest town.

Iceland’s closeness to Europe reduces jet lag and allows for relatively short flight and transfer  times when compared to other heliski destinations.