Greenland West Heliskiing - Kangaamiut

Heliskiing on the ‚6th continent’ with Greenland Heliskiing is an adventure of ist own kind. It already starts by getting there: over the huge inland glacier of Greenland, over the blue Baffin Sea to the islet of Kangaamiut with ist colorful Scandinavian style 300 soul village. Heliskiing in the steep cliffs of the coastal mountain range with descents of up to 7000 vertical feet is the next adventure. Uncountable untracked slopes are waiting. Off the top of exposed mountain peaks down to deep blue fjords of the Baffin Sea , over grippy corn snow, through soft northwesterly powder slopes or – this exists as well – over stonehard, bumpy glacier arms. At lower levels trough soft corn snow and sometimes first patches of green grass or heather. Since there are no trees in this area, there is no bad weather heliskiing, however, a good variety of down day programs does exist. Tansfers to the skiing terrain partially take place by boat, a pleasant and classy experience.

To enjoy the trip requested levels of skiing/boarding technique and fitness are high. You will adjust to steep slope skiing.

Accommodation in Kangaamiut is simple and typical for the island. The rented summer houses provide current water, but usually are not equipped with flush toilets.

The meals are sound greenlandish: fish, whale, moschusox and fried duck, accompanied by simple side dishes. Again: overall a truly special experience of ist own kind! 


Greenland Heliskiing
Greenland Heliskiing


Greenland Heliskiing is are based 60 kilometers north of Maniitsoq, in the tiny village of Kangaamiut. Kangaamiut sits on a small island just south of the Arctic Circle. As you are there in mid-Spring, days are already long (18-20hours) and you will notice daylight increasing each day.



The terrain you ski around Kangaamiut offers everything from steep couloirs to long, flat glaciers. Greenland Heliskiing is still doing first descents every season. To profit from this most unique experience, all clients need to be in top physical shape and be able to handle any type of snow conditions this area can throw at you.

Greenland Heliskiing is uniquely positioned to take advantage of hundreds of glacial runs dropping into 3 different fjords directly behind the Island of Kangaamiut. Running 3 groups of 5 skiers (4 clients and a guide), heli time is economically spread amongst the groups, giving maximum skiing for your Euro.


Snow conditions

Greenland Heliskiing has struck all snow conditions but most of the time you are skiing good spring corn snow on the south exposures and powder on the north. The maritime nature of the snow pack and the timing for the spring means that most of the time avalanche hazard is not critical and you can enjoy some steep skiing.


Descents are up to 2000 vertical metres and many terminate at the sea’s edge.


Greenland Heliskiing

You live close to the local population and their daily routine . Greenland Heliskiing rents houses from a few of the families, and gathers with you together in the evening for a home cooked meal. Regina, the hostess, whips up hearty meals including local fish and meats (halibut, musk ox and reindeer all feature on the menu). Regina also sells wine and beer (beware Greenlandic prices!).

The houses are warm and comfortable and most have stereo, dvd, as well as showers, drying and laundry facilities. Due to the extreme cold in the winter months and the bare granite nature of the island the toilet facilities use a bag system which is emptied and collected daily.

Heli & safety

Greenland Heliskiing

Air Greenland supply AeroSpatiale Squirrel (aka A Star/Ecureil) AS350 B3 helicopters equipped for Arctic flying (HF radio, inflatable skids, survival bags). These are operated with four guests in the rear seat and the guide flying up front in a single seat.

Pilots have both heliski and Arctic experience.

Each machine has sat phone and GPS. Flight following is via VHF radio to the Tower in Kangerlussuaaq and Air Greenland heli-base in Nuuk. There is emergency back up from another Squirrel operating to the south of Greenland Heliskiing and if required a 19 seat Sikorsky is one and a half hours away in Nuuk.

All guides carry a sat phone.

Getting there

The easiest transfer by far is via Copenhagen. From there it is a 4 and half hour Airbus flight to the International Airport at Kangerlussuaaq, followed by a short turbo-prop flight to Maniitsoq. You depart Copenhagen on the Monday morning (9am) and will be in Maniitsoq early afternoon. From Maniitsoq airport you either connect via helicopter to Kangaamuit (skiing your way north) or via boat if weather restricts flying. The following Monday, after a night in the hotel in Maniitsoq, you retrace your steps and arrive back in Copenhagen around 7pm.

We recommend you stay in the Hilton Copenhagen Airport Hotel the Sunday evening before and Monday evening after for its superb convenience.


After arrival at Maniitsoq airport you will be greeted by  Greenland Heliskiing.

Following a short snack you will dress for skiing at the airport and get your day backpack including ABS, shovel and probe. After briefings regarding avalanche rescue procedures, heli safety and back country skiing rules in Greenland you will leave for skiing straight from the airport. The transfer to the island of Kangaamiut takes place by skiing several spectacular descents. – Should weather conditions be unfavorable, you will transfer by boat, together with your luggage.

After a briefing covering the island and localities you will transfer to your house, followed by dinner with the host family.

The skiing days will be governed by the weather conditions. With no trees in the skiing area the pilot can only fly in favorable weather. Passing storm fronts or coastal fog can limit helicopter operations.

Side trips by boat for fishing or whale watching, ski-hiking and village or island excursions are interesting down day activities.

In the evening before your flight back home you will transfer to Maniitsoq where you spend the last night in a hotel. The flight to Kangerlussuaaq takes place the following morning. The arrival in Copenhagen is in the evening hours.

Packages & prices


See 'Prices'



  • 6.5 days heliskiing/Boarding (7 nights)
  • Private arrangements on request



  • 6 hours of helitime
  • Heli/Boats for transfers
  • Transports in Maniitsoq
  • Day Backpack including ABS
  • Guides
  • 6 nights in Kangaamiut (local house)
  • 1 night in Maniitsoq (hotel, double room)
  • Breakfast, Lunch Package, Dinner daily
  • Boat for fishing, whale watching

Not included

  • Ski equipment, Boards
  • Harness, shovel, probe, digital transceiver
  • Additional flight hours
  • Tips for pilot and guides
  • Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks
  • Flights and other travel related costs
  • Insurances
  • Local souvenirs



«A most unique experience - from 2000m to the sea`s edge»

Season :

Mid April - Mid Mai

7 Days starting from € 10'600

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